Commission the Substance graphic design studio to design your next resource or public health campaign.

Substance is a public health-centred creative agency based in Liverpool City Centre.

We use graphic design, art direction and typography to create strong visual narratives and visually compelling bespoke print-based leaflets, booklets, websites and public health campaigns, for clients across the UK.

Graphic design

All the resources on this site, from the drug and alcohol booklets and posters in the Substance shop, to the public health campaigns in our portfolio section, have been lovingly caressed into life by our very own, fiendishly imaginative in-house creative team.

We create:

  • Branding
  • Graphic design and visuals
  • Printed materials


Public health campaigns play an important role in curbing harmful behaviours and encouraging positive ones. Each stage and campaign module plays a vital role in its success.

We work with clients on:

  • Planning
  • Development
  • Evaluation


Dare we mention the 'A' word? Budget cuts have bitten into public health finances over the last decade or so. Projects have to be more dexterous and imaginative in the way they utilise client budgets.

We always strive to:

  • Provide clear costs
  • Work with the tightest budgets
  • Make every penny count
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Making the case for trauma and ACE informed substance misuse services

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