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Cannabis awareness poster

Cannabis has always been one of the most commonly used illegal drugs in the UK. According to the 2017/18 CSEW, 7.2 per cent of adults aged 16 to 59  used cannabis in the last year (around 2.4 million people).

With the increasing use of high-strength herbal cannabis and the recent introduction of synthetic cannabinoids, the physical and mental health risks of using cannabis have become more acute. Clear, accurate and credible health information is key to reducing those risks.

This A3 cannabis awareness poster will help people who use or are considering using cannabis, consider the associated health risks and consequences.

It folds down to A5 in size and contains an attention-grabbing image of a marijuana plant on the front with a space in the bottom right corner for you to include your organisation's details. The flip side is designed in a grid format with each block of copy complimented by colourful illustrations and images, with more space on the bottom right of the poster for you to include your content.

Information includes:

  • Physical and metal health risks
  • The law
  • How it makes you feel
  • Reducing the risks
  • Spice and Mamba

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Double sided


From £2.00 each

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